Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight

Our T&C's

*All tickets are subject to a £2.00 admin charge – this covers the ticketing platform fees and payment gateway fees.


    1. A valid Ticket must be produced for EVERYONE to enter Lionheart Festival. Removing any part of, altering or defacing a Ticket may invalidate it.
    2. Tickets cannot be returned, refunded, exchanged or transferred.  Lionheart UK will only consider requests for changes to bookings where exceptional circumstances apply. In all instances Lionheart UK have the right to refuse to make changes. 
    3. Any alterations to your booking are subject to an administration charge of £5.00 per ticket information change so please ensure all details relating to your ticket and personal information are correct.  If anything is incorrect please contact Lionheart UK immediately via our website. Any changes are subject to an administration fee.
    4. Lionheart UK prohibits the reselling or transferring of any Tickets. The resale or transfer of Tickets will result in Tickets and/or bookings being cancelled without prior notification, refund, compensation or liability. Your Ticket will be void and you will be refused entry.
    5. Lionheart is not responsible for any Tickets that are lost or stolen and will offer no replacement or refund.  However In the event of Ticket loss please contact Lionheart UK immediately via the website and we will do our best to assist.
    6. Lionheart UK reserve the right to decline to reissue e-tickets. We will allow for the collection of wristbands on arrival at the Event subject to the provision of ID evidencing the name and address given at the time of booking.
  • Tickets are sold subject to the Venue’s right and Lionheart UK’s right to alter or vary the Event due to events or circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In such cases we will not provide any refund or exchange.

Under 18s

All people under 18 must be accompanied by an adult (over 18) who is solely responsible for them for their duration on the site.

Camping Terms

  1. Camping on site is only permitted with a valid ‘Onsite Camping Ticket’ purchased in advance
  2. Camping is only permitted in designated Camping Area
  3. Tents must be 2 metres apart to comply with fire regulations
  4. If you are asked to make adjustments to your pitch by a person acting in official capacity for Lionheart UK you must comply with their request. 
  5. Noise must be kept a minimum on site from the hours of 22.30hrs– 07:00hrs out of respect for other delegates and the local community. 
  6. Lionheart UK accepts no responsibility for damage or loss to delegates’ property. 
  7. Please note that strictly no disposable BBQs or rogue bonfires are allowed on the site for the duration of the event. Proper BBQs with legs and covers (suspended off the ground) are permitted if used responsibly. Lionheart UK asks all delegates to exercise caution when using camping stoves to limit the risk of fires. 
  8. We kindly ask delegates not to bring glass products to Lionheart Festival.
  9. We ask all delegates to use the provided rubbish and recycling areas to dispose of all rubbish.


Lionheart UK reserves the right to remove delegates from Lionheart Festival site if they are found to be breaking the law, abusing staff or volunteers or behaving in a socially unacceptable way to other delegates.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Misuse of drugs and alcohol will not be tolerated onsite and will be dealt with.

Prayer and Ministry

Lionheart UK uses only an approved prayer and ministry team. We ask delegates to weigh any prayer and prophecy they receive and to understand they are fully responsible for how they choose to utilize it.


All personal data held by Lionheart UK is dealt with in accordance to GDPR. During the event official filming will be taking place and photographs taken may include individuals or groups. These will be used solely by Lionheart UK for marketing and advertising and may appear on the website or other promotional literature.


Lionheart UK ask that delegates do not use video recording equipment at Lionheart Festival unless authorised by Lionheart UK staff.

Unauthorised Trading

Only authorised trading is permitted at Lionheart Festival.  Any unauthorised trading is strictly forbidden and will be asked to leave site immediately.  

Dogs and other Animals

No dogs or animals are permitted on site at any time.  

Working Guide Dogs and Assist Dogs are permitted and must be kept on a lead at all times.