Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight

Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight

Lionheart Team

Lionheart Festival wouldn’t have happened without our dedicated team of staff members & trustees!

Team - Laura Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight



She has a son and her church family is True Vine Church. Laura has lived on the Isle of Wight since 2005 although holidayed here since she was young child. Laura’s parents retired here and grandparents honeymooned and holidayed here so the Isle of Wight has always been a very special place for her and her family.

Laura says “If you had said to me 15 years ago I would be part of the lead team organising a Christian Music Festival on the Isle of Wight, be devoted to God, having Jesus Christ as my best friend and Saviour I probably would have just laughed!! I always known ‘of’ God and Jesus but I never really knew Him or had a relationship with Him until I surrendered to Jesus after years of addiction / mental health issues and was set free”

Laura often wondered why she has had such a strange and random mix of jobs and careers over the years – it seems she was being prepared for this role! ha ha ha. Praise God! Laura goes on to say “I am blessed, honoured and excited to be part of Lionheart UK and really hope that Lionheart can help spread the ‘Good News’ of Jesus to others, especially to show that life with Jesus is not boring or dull. 🦁❤️🙌✝️



Joe was born on the Isle of Wight and attended Castlehold Baptist Church and then True Vine Church. He attended Cardiff University and got involved with Cardiff City church which helped open his eyes to a bigger scope of impact. He has a passion for God, music, football, and he recently got married.

In his school years, Joe started a worship band and got involved with many other Christian organisations. He’s now employed as a Worship Leader at City Life Church Portsmouth, he is also part of “All Hours” a Christian Band who have released their first 4 songs earlier this year.

He’s excited about what Lionheart UK is, and will become. For many years he dreamt and prayed for an event like this. “Now is the Time” ❤️🦁✝️🎸⚽️

Team - Joe Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight
Team - Joy Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight



Joy has five sons and she lives in the West of the Isle of Wight. Joy works at The West Wight Sports and Community Centre and is also a dinghy-sailing instructor at Yarmouth Sailing Club.

Joy is a Christian who attends True Vine Church in Newport. She is looking forward to seeing a Christian Music Festival on the Isle of Wight as there is so much good Christian music out there – especially as one of her sons is a Christian singer / song writer!

Joy feels to expect anyone, particularly youngsters, to go to church when they have never experienced it before is quite an ask. Therefore a music festival, taking the church to the people, Joy believes is a much more engaging way of sharing our faith with the young and not so young! ❤️🦁✝️🙌



Rob lives in Cowes with his wife Cath, together they offer prayer counseling using the Immanuel approach. He used to work for the County Council as a Psychiatric Social Worker.

Rob is part of the Isle of Wight Church and for many years led a congregation in Cowes. He helped develop the Wight Church Network and originated the Wight Church events newsletter which he still edits and distributes twice monthly. He was also responsible for setting up Street Pastors on the Island. He regularly meets with congregational leaders across the Island and is active in promoting unity, partnership, and transformation.

Team - Rob Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight
Team - Uel Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight


Media Liaison

Uel was born on the Isle Of Wight, he’s currently studying a Health and Social course at the Isle Of Wight College and has recently started working for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

He attended Bethany Evangelical Church, spent time at Castlehold Baptist Church then moved to Cowes Baptist Church and finally settled at True Vine this year. He has a passion for sharing God’s message through helping out with many Christian organisations in the local community.

He will be bringing to the team his knowledge and experience of using social media to help spread God’s word, by helping us run our Facebook and Instagram pages. He’s excited about what Lionheart UK is and can’t wait to see revival and God’s passion roaring on the Isle Of Wight. ❤️🦁🙌✝️