Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight

Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight

Lionheart Team

Lionheart Festival wouldn’t have happened without our dedicated team of staff members & trustees!

Team - Laura Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight


Manager / Coordinator

She has a son and her church family is True Vine Church. Laura has lived on the Isle of Wight since 2005 although holidayed here since she was young child. Laura’s parents retired here and grandparents honeymooned and holidayed here so the Isle of Wight has always been a very special place for her and her family.

Laura says “If you had said to me 15 years ago I would be part of the lead team organising a Christian Music Festival on the Isle of Wight, be devoted to God, having Jesus Christ as my best friend and Saviour I probably would have just laughed!! I always known ‘of’ God and Jesus but I never really knew Him or had a relationship with Him until I surrendered to Jesus after years of addiction / mental health issues and was set free”

Laura often wondered why she has had such a strange and random mix of jobs and careers over the years – it seems she was being prepared for this role! ha ha ha. Praise God! Laura goes on to say “I am blessed, honoured and excited to be part of Lionheart UK and really hope that Lionheart can help spread the ‘Good News’ of Jesus to others, especially to show that life with Jesus is not boring or dull. 🦁❤️🙌✝️



Joe was born on the Isle of Wight and attended Castlehold Baptist Church and then True Vine Church. He attended Cardiff University and got involved with Cardiff City church which helped open his eyes to a bigger scope of impact. He has a passion for God, music, football, and he recently got married.

In his school years, Joe started a worship band and got involved with many other Christian organisations. He’s now employed as a Worship Leader at City Life Church Portsmouth, he is also part of “All Hours” a Christian Band who have released their first 4 songs earlier this year.

He’s excited about what Lionheart UK is, and will become. For many years he dreamt and prayed for an event like this. “Now is the Time” ❤️🦁✝️🎸⚽️

Team - Joe Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight
Team - Rob Lionheart Festival Isle of Wight



Rob lives in Cowes with his wife Cath, together they offer prayer counseling using the Immanuel approach. He used to work for the County Council as a Psychiatric Social Worker.

Rob is part of the Isle of Wight Church and for many years led a congregation in Cowes. He helped develop the Wight Church Network and originated the Wight Church events newsletter which he still edits and distributes twice monthly. He was also responsible for setting up Street Pastors on the Island. He regularly meets with congregational leaders across the Island and is active in promoting unity, partnership, and transformation.



Paul, whilst also being a trustee of Lionheart is also the pastor of Ryde Elim Church on the Isle of Wight. He is married to Rachel and has two girls. Paul likes playing squash, eating cake and drinking coffee!!!!!

Keith Joyce



Having retired after running an Agricultural and civil engineering ground works business for over 40 years I enjoy gardening and bee keeping. I love Jesus and am very involved with the church and with my wife Pat head up the pastoral care team of True Vine Church here on the Island, we have four grown up children. I am also part of the Wight Church Network team. I fully support the Lionheart vision and am encouraged to see young people on fire for Jesus stepping out in faith.



It was an honour to be asked to be a trustee for this exciting project. I have been a member of the Wightchurch team since its inception and believe strongly in ‘One Island ,One Church’. Ever since we had the Hope 08 celebrations at St George’s Stadium I have hoped there would be a Christian festival on the Island. I had the privilege of being a trustee of Isle of Wight Youth for Christ for several years and found being with the team and young people an inspiration and joy. I was also a trustee for Isle of Wight Street pastors for seven years and found working with folk from different churches and all over the Island a real blessing.

Stuart Brenchley



Stuart lives with his family in Newport having lived and worked on the Isle of Wight since 2010 in a local secondary school. He moved into teaching from spending 10 years as a Youth Minister with an ecumenical youth project in Somerset.

Over the last year, he has been worshipping at True Vine Church, after spending 8 years at Castlehold Baptist Church. Whilst at Castlehold, he spent much time supporting the youth ministry of the church. 

Having spent many years attending festivals like Soul Survivor, New Wine and Spring Harvest he shares the other Trustees vision to bring a Christian festival that encourages spiritual growth to all on the island.